Rise Above the Noise

In today’s landscape, regenerative physician experts must rise above the noise to educate consumers on the success of orthobiologic patient outcomes. There is a prevalence of unqualified providers aggressively marketing and offering illegitimate regenerative procedures in markets across the nation. Educating consumers on Quality is key.

Stronger as one, DataBiologics + Valet Health provide an innovative turn-key solution for Regenerative Physician Experts through:

1) Optimized online physician profiles & increased visibility to capture new patient referrals.

2) Robust data collection & analysis to share your great results with patients and online across channels.

Together, DataBiologics + Valet Health offer a packaged solution for patient outcomes data collection and physician online visibility at an incredibly affordable price point. Additional clinical training and support is available with our strategic partner: The Orthohealing Method

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