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Ashly Taylor

Business Development Manager


Successful laser therapy is about more than the laser itself. It is about the trust you put into the company and its people for products, service, training and support. 

We are a global leader developing the next generation of therapeutic Class IV Lasers. An American pioneer in Class IV laser therapy, we meet or exceed the highest standards set forth by the FDA, CE, MDSAP, HEALTH CANADA, ISO13485 and numerous independent certification boards. 

Our goal is to improve lives, not only through revolutionizing laser therapy, but by ensuring the success of our practitioners. We provide superior solutions to seamlessly implement laser therapy into any practice with more diverse and more specific support than any other company in the field. 

Our superior product development is guided by physicians who pour their knowledge of healing into therapeutic applications. Their expertise is reflected in the hundreds of condition-specific protocols that are pre-loaded into our lasers, making them simple to use. From a clinical perspective we make sure our lasers are the most effective, but also the most durable and safe to use.