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Mollie Pett

National Product Manager

LIPOGEMS® technology is used for patients that are not ready for a major surgery or can be added to surgery to optimize healing of injured tissue. Using a minimally invasive procedure to harvest the patient’s adipose tissue, LIPOGEMS® system gently cleans the tissue using only saline and microfragments the tissue (MFat) to an optimal size for injection. LIPOGEMS® is FDA cleared for use in orthopaedics and arthroscopic surgery and meets the FDA guidelines for minimal manipulation and is intended for homologous use. Offer your patients in the treatment gap an FDA cleared option with strong evidence.

Department of Defense Adds Lipogems To Their Arsenal: We are proud and honored to be helping our nation’s brave active military and veterans. The Lipogems Sports Medicine System will now be available with the US Department of Defense!

Strong Scientific Evidence: As a responsible company, Lipogems is a supported by strong scientific and clinical evidence with over 70+publications in peer reviewed journals (~95% are independent studies) from leading institutions from around the world.