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Daniel Shelton

MSK Market Development Director

SonoSite provides clinicians around the world with a cost-effective tool for improving patient safety and workflow efficiency. Our device platforms are extremely dynamic and versatile, allowing your machine to evolve with you. SonoSite ultrasound systems excel with their durable design, industry-leading warranty, and comprehensive customer support. To learn how SonoSite can enhance your practice, please visit

Point-of-care ultrasound has many applications for the MSK clinician. Diagnostic ultrasound is noninvasive and offers real-time imaging, allowing for examinations of structures at rest and in motion. This ability to capture the movement of musculoskeletal components permits for more accurate diagnoses. For example, ultrasound is the ideal tool for screening patients with shoulder and elbow problems. SonoSite ultrasound can help diagnose a torn tendon in the shoulder, no matter which tendon is affected. Similarly, any effusions within the elbow joint and the insertion site of the elbow extensor and flexor tendons can be evaluated. POCUS can be used to periodically check that the tendon remains attached to the bone, and to identify any potential re-tear. Another area of ultrasound is beneficial is in the injection of anti-inflammatory medications. With ultrasound, the needle and the biceps can be seen, enabling the needle’s proximity to the tendon to be established. POCUS can also assist in locating hematomas and identifying Osgood-Schlatter disease.