May 10

A Conversation on Regenerative Medicine with Drs. Malanga and Mautner

Regenerative medicine experts and TOBI faculty Dr. Gerry Malanga and Dr. Ken Mautner recently sat down with Dr. Jonathan Halperin to discuss the basics of regenerative medicine as well as the current state of literature possible future directions. We’ve provided a brief synopsis below, but encourage you to dive into this fascinating conversation from two of the thought-leaders in this area. Synopsis: The conversation starts by summarizing the past and current state of regenerative therapies. While these therapies are still...

Sep 11

Treatment of Knee Meniscus Pathology: Rehabilitation, Surgery, and Orthobiologics

Partial meniscectomy is performed more than any other orthopedic procedure in the United States. New research published by TOBI Alumni Faculty Dr. Gerard A. Malanga, MD, studies the use of orthobiologics such as platelet rich plasma and mesenchymal stem cells in augmenting surgical repairs or as stand-alone treatments, though research for use in meniscal tear management is limited. See the study here: Treatment of Knee Meniscus Pathology: Rehabilitation, Surgery, and Orthobiologics

Nov 7

TOBI Faculty Publications: October 2017

1 Oct 2017 The American Journal of Sports Medicine Clinical Outcomes of Knee Osteoarthritis Treated With an Autologous Protein Solution Injection: A 1-Year Pilot Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial The purpose of this study, by TOBI Faculty Alumni Peter Verdonk, MD, is to investigate if one intra-articular injection of autologous protein solution (APS) can reduce pain and improve function in patients affected by knee OA in a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, saline-controlled study. This study provides evidence to support the safety and...