Kentaro Onishi, DO

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA

Kentaro Onishi, DO is an assistant professor and assistant director of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine ACGME accredited sports medicine fellowship. He received a doctorate of osteopathic medicine from Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, CA, and completed the residency at UC Irvine Medical Center where he was also chief resident. Dr. Onishi completed the ACGME accredited sports medicine fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Dr. Onishi’s medical practice focuses on non-surgical treatments of conditions resulting from various sports injuries using diagnostic ultrasound and advanced ultrasound-guided procedures such as bone marrow aspirate concentrate, platelet rich plasma, and percutaneous sonographically guided tenotomy & fasciotomy. Dr. Onishi is also active in translational researches in the domain of musculoskeletal regenerative medicine and tendon injuries.