Matthew Otten, MD

Director of Orthopedic Orthobiologics, CELL•AXYS, Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Otten is Board Certified in Sports medicine. After completing cardiology research with Harvard University and UCSF, Dr. Otten obtained his medical degree from Michigan State University. He has become a leader in the field of Orthobiologics since completing his sports medicine fellowship at Beaumont Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and currently resides in Las Vegas where he is a practicing regenerative therapy physician with CELLAXYS.

Dr. Otten believes strongly in using the body’s own ability to heal itself. Dr. Otten chose Orthobiologics because it combines the fields of medicine and orthopedics through the use of stem cell therapies and other minimally invasive procedures. Nationally, he is regarded as a leader in the field of stem cell and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapies. Currently, he serves as faculty for international conferences, trains and mentors physicians, lectures, and performs extensive clinical research in the Las Vegas area.

Dr. Otten’s goal is to continually advance the science and clinical applications of Orthobiologics. His philosophy has been greatly influenced by his early work with Native Americans on the Crow Reservation in Montana. To this day his clinical work reflects that same dedication to his patients. Dr. Otten has performed over 30,000 Orthobiologic procedures including stem cell treatments and PRP therapies. He joins CELLAXYS as the Director of Orthopedics and Orthobiologics.