Patrick Goh, MBBS, MSS, FAMS

Sports Medicine International, Camden Medical Centre, Singapore

Dr. Goh is a registered specialist in Sports Medicine, currently in private practice with Sports Medicine International at Camden Medical Centre, Singapore. He received his medical degree from the National University of Singapore in 1984 before going on to further studies in Sports Medicine in the USA.

A clinician for 30 years, he worked previously with the rehabilitation medicine department of Singapore General Hospital, and the Singapore Sports Council’s (SSC) Sports Medicine and Research Centre, where his patients ranged from recreational athletes to the country’s top sportsmen and women. He was chief medical officer for Team Singapore for the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Games, and team physician to numerous regional games.

During the mid-nineties, he pioneered the use of musculoskeletal ultrasound as an in-clinic tool for evaluation and imaging-guided interventions for musculoskeletal injuries, in particular, ultrasound-guided Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Therapy (ESWT) and ultrasound-guided injections. In 2008, he became the first sports physician in Singapore to use Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for the targeted treatment of sports injuries. His work in this area has led to numerous invitations to speak at home and internationally, as he continues to have an ongoing interest in biological solutions for musculoskeletal and sports injuries.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Goh is currently Co-Chair of the Sports Medicine Subspeciality Training Committee under the Ministry of Health. He is Chair of the Sports Medicine Section of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore. He also holds the appointment of Chair of the Institutional Review Board for Temasek Polytechnic, and Deputy Chair for the Institutional Review Board of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and the Defence Science Organisation (DSO). Dr. Goh is also Chairman of the National Anti-Doping Advisory Board for Singapore and Chairman of the South-East Asian Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (SEARADO). He also sits on board of directors for iNADO (the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organisations).