George M. Varkarakis, MD

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Miami, FL

Dr. Varkarakis is a thought leader in the plastic and reconstructive surgery field. He is an active editorial board member and peer-reviewer for key medical journals.

Dr. George M. Varkarakis established this practice with the mission to provide compassionate, high-quality patient outcomes with his artistic perspective and highly skilled eye and hands. He has a sincere passion for beauty and caring for his patients that you will sense even upon the first consultation. Dr. Varkarakis is different. His Greek upbringing and love of art and life instilled in him a dedication to his patients. He spent years of his medical training refining his reconstructive skills and expertise specializing in both bone and soft tissue reconstruction.

Dr. Varkarakis also trained in pediatric craniofacial surgery and continues to specialize in this area. Building on top of his reconstructive expertise, Dr. Varkarakis brings his passion for art and his expert technique to plastic surgery in Miami. His current subspecialties include aesthetic/cosmetic, pediatric craniofacial, facial plastic, and reconstructive surgery. With over 18 years of practice and training, he has worked with thousands of patients, cultivated a vast medical knowledge base and refined the most advanced surgical and aesthetic techniques — all to provide his patients with the absolute best results.