Peter A. Everts, PhD

Gulf Coast Biologics, Scientific Research & Educational Department, Fort Myers, FL

Peter has been pioneering in the science and clinical applications of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) technology since 1984. He was the founding member of the department of Peri-operative Regenerative Medicine Technology at the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven in 1991, specialized in autologous cell therapy programs for surgical procedures.

Peter has been leading research teams in regenerative medicine in cardiac surgery, orthopedics and sports medicine, aesthetic-plastic reconstructive surgery, and chronic wounds in using biological therapies and concentrated fibrin plasma to produce to control postoperative hemostasis and decrease allogeneic transfusions.

Peter received his Ph.D. in Medicine from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands in 2007 on the subject of PRP basic research and applications in orthopedics. This work was collected in his book on “Platelet-rich Leukocyte gel basics and applications in clinical practice.

At present, he has published and authored more than 50 articles, or book chapters.

He is frequently lecturing nationally and internationally.

During his career, he has been a board member and chairman of several health care organizations and models. He was a member of the sports medicine steering group at the International Olympic Committee.

Peter is the co-founder of the Dutch Da Vinci Clinics in the Netherlands, executing integrated wound healing concepts, including hyperbaric medicine and advanced wound healing strategies.

At present, he is the Chief Scientific Officer of EmCyte Corporation, a leader in autologous biological regenerative medicine therapies, where he is leading international research projects and educational training courses.

Recently he is appointed as the Director of Gulf Coast Biologics, a scientific-educational-research-training institute, with the sole focus on Autologous Biologics.