Danielle Aufiero, MD

The Orthohealing Center, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Danielle Aufiero is a sports medicine and physiatry specialist at the Orthohealing Center is Los Angeles who is primarily focused on reducing pain and restoring function for her patients. She specializes in regenerative treatment approaches, and is particularly interested in bone marrow stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, image-guided prolotherapy and fluoroscopic and ultrasound guided spine injections.

After graduating from St. Georges University School of Medicine, Dr. Aufiero completed her residency at Kessler Institute of Medicine and Dentistry. She then went on to finish a rigorous two-year spine program at the Robb Pain Management Group in Los Angeles, before working as a sports medicine and physiatry specialist in a variety of clinical settings, including orthopedic, pain management and physical therapy centers.