Daniel T. Laich, DO

Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, IL

Dr. Daniel T. Laich is a board certified, fellowship-trained Neurosurgeon at The Chicago Back Institute. Dr. Laich specializes in therapeutic and minimally invasive spine treatments, including endoscopic and arthroplasty surgeries, as well as spine reconstruction. Has nearly 25 years experience in spine care and neurological surgery. He started a study on the Charite artificial disk, and with Rick Fessler, M.D., Ph.D., as he pioneered minimally invasive spine surgery, during his fellowship. First American surgeon to be trained to provide the TESSYs (transforaminal endoscopic surgical system) procedure, an innovative minimally invasive approach to treating herniated disks. Dr. Daniel T. Laich is a Neurosurgeon with Swedish Covenant Hospital Chicago Back Institute.