Bernard Siegel, JD

Executive Director Regenerative Medicine Foundation, Wellington, FL

Mr. Siegel first became involved with the scientific community when, in 2002, he filed a landmark case seeking a guardian for the alleged clone, “Baby Eve.” The case was widely credited for exposing Clonaid, the so-called “human cloning company” as a sham. This case, and the media attention which ensued, allowed Mr. Siegel to meet with scientists and policy experts to discuss the need for legal and policy advocates for the scientific community. This led to Mr. Siegel’s founding of the Genetics Policy Institute (today Regenerative Medicine Foundation) and his commitment to advocacy work on behalf of patients, doctors and researchers involved with the regenerative medicine community

In 2004, Mr. Siegel played a pivotal role in galvanizing a global movement that successfully lobbied the United Nations to reject a treaty that called for a prohibition of nuclear transfer, or therapeutic cloning.
As a recognized policy expert on stem cell research, regenerative medicine and cloning, Mr. Siegel works with the world’s leading stem cell researchers and advocates. He works with grassroots activists throughout the United States, raising public awareness and educating lawmakers, the media and public on stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Mr. Siegel is a frequent panelist and keynote speaker on the subject of stem cells, public policy, patient advocacy and the societal implications of longevity. Among his many presentations, he has spoken at the United Nations, the Salk Institute, the German National Academy of Science (The Leopoldina), and others. He has lectured at more than 40 colleges and universities around the globe.
Mr. Siegel frequently works with the media as a policy expert. His media appearances include interviews with CBS Evening News, the CBS Early Show, CNN, MSNBC, Fox and Friends, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Wired News, The Scientist, New Scientist, The London Times, Le Monde, Pravda, The Peoples Daily and many other publications.
A native of Richmond, Virginia, he received his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Miami (BA 1972, JD 1975). He is a member of the Florida Bar, since 1975.