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Jan 20

The Influence of Naproxen on Biological Factors in Leukocyte-Rich PRP: A Prospective Study

Chahla et al 2019 (NSAIDS) Leukocyte-Rich Platelet-Rich Plasma (LR-PRP) consists of blood plasma with higher concentrations of platelets and leukocytes than typically available in a normal blood draw, and is commonly used to treat musculoskeletal injuries through regenerative processes in the body.  Oftentimes, concentrations of platelets and leukocytes are highly variable in a given therapeutic sample, as well as the methods of preparing that biological product and the demographic characteristics from which the blood sample was drawn. All these factors,...

Jan 16

Comparing PRP to Tenex in the treatment of medial and lateral epicondylitis

[section_tc][column_tc span='12'][text_tc trigger_pt='0' duration='1000' delay='0']Medial and lateral epicondylitis are two common elbow conditions that affect a variety of athletes and can significantly impair arm function. While epicondylitis generally responds to conservative treatment, the course can be prolonged and it’s unclear whether some treatments may work better than others. In a study published in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, several authors including TOBI faculty Drs. Kenneth Mautner and Allison Boden compared the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Tenex...

Jan 5

Ortho-Biologics for Ligament Repair and Reconstruction

Chahla et al. 2019 Over the past decade, the advancement in the use of orthobiologic therapies have evolved from stimulating the recovery process and restoring native or near-native tissue to incorporating symptom management. The most popular applications of biological modalities commonly treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries; and in some respects, they have served as adjuvants for conservative and surgical approaches to care. However, inconsistencies and limitations remain a challenge to documenting efficacious results because there is no clear algorithm...