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Jun 23

Chemical Profile and Clinical Efficacy of Micro-Fragmented Adipose-derived MSC Therapy in the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis

Check out the new article by long-time TOBI faculty, Dr. Gerard Malanga, published in Biologic Orthopedic Journal. By the year 2040, it is estimated that 25% of adults in the US will be diagnosed with osteoarthritis by a physician.  Osteoarthritis, considered as a progessive joint disorder due to “wear and tear,” has been described by researchers to involve a complex dynamic of pro-inflammatory mediators leading to an increase of enzymes that degrade soft-tissue supporting the joint. This article looks at...

Jun 5

Cellular and Clinical Analyses of Autologous Bone Marrow Aspirate Injection for Knee OA

Congratulations to TOBI Alum Drs. Gregory Lutz and Nicholas Beatty for their contributions to the PM&R journal on the cellular and clinical analysis of autologous bone marrow aspirate (BMA) injections to treat Knee Osteoarthritis. This prospective observational pilot study looks at the effects of the cellular content in BMA on articular cartilage in patients with mild knee osteoarthritis. Ten patients were included in the overall analysis.  BMA was aspirated from the iliac crest under fluoroscopy or  ultrasound-guide techniques. The main...

May 14

Wynn Refunds TOBI 2020 Group Reservations

Wynn Las Vegas has informed us that they canceled all reservations made in the TOBI 2020 group block, and refunded any applicable funds. In true Wynn class, they are leaders in the industry. They were the first in Las Vegas to provide cash refunds, in light of COVID-10. Their team of scientists and consultants created heightened protocols for COVID-19 safety, which they shared with all of the Las Vegas hotels to raise the bar across the industry. We look forward...