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May 14

Wynn Refunds TOBI 2020 Group Reservations

Wynn Las Vegas has informed us that they canceled all reservations made in the TOBI 2020 group block, and refunded any applicable funds. In true Wynn class, they are leaders in the industry. They were the first in Las Vegas to provide cash refunds, in light of COVID-10. Their team of scientists and consultants created heightened protocols for COVID-19 safety, which they shared with all of the Las Vegas hotels to raise the bar across the industry. We look forward...

May 11

ON Foundation Grants – Articles on How Corona Affects Orthopedics

How does corona affect orthopedics? ON Foundation is awarding two 1'500 CHF Literature Grants for articles on the matter. Many of us are affected by the Corona Pandemic and work from home, not being able to practice and/or research as usual. ON Foundation therefore is offering three (3) open Literature Grants over 2'000 CHF mainly to cover open access publication fees. Your application does need to have a strong orthoregeneration aspect. Three (3) grants will be awarded. Application Deadline: May...

Apr 30

Mesoblast Stem Cell Therapy Study shows 83% Survival in patients on Ventilators from COVID-19

News was announced today from Biospace that patients with ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress) demonstrated an 83% survival after 2 IV infusions of Mesoblast’s product Ryoncil (remestemcel-L). This med is NOT FDA approved for treating COVID-19  according to BioSpace. In the study, 9/12 patients came off ventilators within 10 days, with 7 patients discharged from the hospital. According the report patients were treated in New York City’s Mt Sinai hospital under an emergency investigational new drug (IND) application or via expanded access portal....