Regulatory Compliance and More at TOBI XI!

Mar 21

Regulatory Compliance and More at TOBI XI!

New publication echoes TOBI 2020 theme: Regulatory Compliance, Clinical Data & Protocols.

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Knee Osteoarthritis: Internet Marketing and Patient Education—An Appraisal of Content for Websites with the Greatest Search Engine Visibility

This publication reviews 181 websites using 3 leading search engines, and discusses the importance of ethical patient information and marketing of orthobiologics. Based on results from the content analyzed, there is a remarkable difference between information accessed on non-private websites compared to private websites. Most notably, private websites were more likely to publish misleading information regarding the outcomes of orthobiologic therapies and neglect to support their claims with evidenced-based literature. Furthermore, both private and non-private websites do not acknowledge that cell-based therapy is not the optimal for patients with end-stage knee osteoarthritis. 

Patients utilizing search results from popular outlets online are vulnerable to acquiring a narrow viewpoint regarding the risks and benefits of orthobiologic therapies.  Unfortunately, this vulnerability is perpetuated by medical professionals advertising these services on their websites to potential patients. Conscientious marketing techniques by medical providers should include scientific data, peer-reviewed literature, balanced viewpoint on efficacy of treatments, drawbacks, concerns, and eliminating unsubstantiated benefits. Be informed and distinguish yourself as an ethical provider, practicing evidence-based medicine.

TOBI provides this important FREE Compliance Video to support practitioners in orthobiologics to advance the field ethically and responsibly.

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